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Dec. 18, 2015

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Mitsui & Co., Ltd. ("Mitsui", Head Office: Tokyo; President and CEO: Tatsuo Yasunaga) will restructure its organization and create new business units, effective April 1, 2016. The aim of this restructuring and the changes that will be made are outlined below.

1. Aim of the Organizational Changes

Of the seven Key Strategic Domains defined in the Medium-term Management Plan, Mitsui aims to further accelerate initiatives toward actualization in "mineral resources and materials", "food and agriculture", "medical/healthcare", and "lifestyle products and value-added services", by enhancing the agility of its business unit structure. The new business units will work towards the realization of growth strategies and the expansion of Mitsui's earnings base and enhancement of its presence in each of these domains, while working more closely with regional business units and other Headquarter business units.

2. Restructuring of Business Unit Organization

Chemicals and Food

The existing Basic Chemicals, Performance Chemicals, Food Resources, and Food Products & Services business units will be reorganized into the following five new business units.

(1) Basic Materials Business Unit
This business unit will contribute to improving the value of the hydrocarbon chain by securing competitive chemical raw materials and by manufacturing and selling gas chemicals and petrochemical products and raw materials for high performance plastics, and provide various materials and solutions for a wide range of industries.

(2) Performance Materials Business Unit
This business unit will contribute to the solution of issues confronting society by deepening Mitsui's involvement in the development of high performance materials through manufacturing and selling of materials made from green bioresources, and for use in consumer goods, such as motor vehicles, electronic materials, packaging materials, detergents, and surfactants.

(3) Nutrition & Agriculture Business Unit
This business unit will act as a key interface between chemicals and food domains to contribute to the expansion of food production and address the need for high-added value food products on a global basis by integrating the existing business activities in such areas as agricultural supplies, including fertilizers and pesticides, feed additives, food additives, and sugar alcohols.

(4) Food Business Unit
This business unit will create a new business platform on a global level, by working in such areas as grains, oilseeds, marine products, livestock, animal feed, and sugars, and by engaging in food production, origination, manufacturing, and processing.

(5) Food & Retail Management Business Unit
This business unit will expand retail business and provide solutions to customers in the retail field, by developing distribution and logistics platforms in the growing markets, and by supplying our competitive retail-support functions of differentiated categories both in Japan and overseas. The organization structure of this unit will help refine our functions based on a customer oriented point of view.

Consumer Services

The existing Consumer Service Business Unit will be reorganized into the following two business units.

(1) Healthcare & Service Business Unit
This business unit will accelerate its activities in areas such as hospital services and related ancillary business, comprehensive support to pharmaceutical companies such as R&D, manufacturing and sales, outsourcing services such as contract food, uniform rental or facility management services, and will also develop business in peripheral fields and new, innovative business drawing on IT and data.

(2) Consumer Business Unit
The mission of this business unit is to reinforce Mitsui's capabilities in the areas of real estate, housing & industrial materials, and fashion, and to develop new innovative business models that grasp in future consumer needs.


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